Friday, June 1, 2018

College Apartment Tour: Bedroom

Hello everyone!  Sorry I have been very MIA on here.  My last semester of college was busy with coursework and planning for post-grad life.  I have a lot of content planned, and am excited to be blogging on a more regular basis.

Anyway, here is another room tour of my college apartment-- my bedroom.

Throughout my apartment, I decided to keep a consistent color scheme, so you will see the same blue, pink, green, and gold colors that were in my living room (which you can see by clicking here). 

My blue bedding and colorful pillows help add color to my mostly white room.  I found this fur pillow from Target, and the gold and the floral pillows at Michaels.  I have been surprised by the quality and selection at the Michaels home section and have found a lot of great things not only for everyday decorations, but for holidays as well.

I love the artwork above my bed because it has all of the colors in my apartment.  Another great HomeGoods find.


This chair and desk are from IKEA.  I am not a big fan of having a black piece of furniture, but I got it at an insane discount.  I hope to upgrade to a more appealing option when I move into my next apartment.  Doing my makeup and listening to music at my vanity is one of my favorite parts of my morning.

As you can probably tell, this dresser from IKEA has seen better days.  After I move out, I plan to throw this guy in the trash and purchase a dresser that is already pre-assembled and will not break down after only having it for two years.  The mirrors above the dresser are actually a separate piece that was intended for a bathroom.  It has been a great way to store and hide my hair and skincare products.

My mom has always hung her necklaces from hooks in her bedroom.  I decided to copy her and do it in my room as well.  It is a great way to avoid your jewelry getting tangled and to be able to display it.  The top set of knobs are from a boutique in London, and the lower set is from HomeGoods.

I am so lucky that my bedroom came with huge built-ins.  In addition to clothing storage, I also use it as a place to house my purses and heels.

Thank you for taking a look around my bedroom!  I am looking forward to sharing my kitchen with you all soon.  Please bookmark my blog or follow me on Instagram for new content.

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